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Sunday, September 27, 2009

About Coral Snakes

Today I'm going to tell you about Coral Snakes.
Did you know there's a rhyme to tell the difference between Coral Snakes and other snakes like the harmless King Snake,it goes something like this.Red touch yellow,kill a fellow.Red touch black,be a friend with Jack.You might think that boas and anacondas are the only big snakes in the world but you will be surprised when I tell you that smaller snakes like Coral Snakes can reach pretty big, up to five feet long.Now it's time for another ''That's odd'' presentation.Did you know there's a species of Coral Snakes that is almost all aquatic.It is called the Micrurus Surinamensis.That's your ''That's odd''presentation.Did you know that the Coral Snake is one of the most venomous snakes in the world.That's my report on Coral Snakes.The End.


  1. That's a very colorful snake, and it has the fall colors too! But I am scared of snakes, silly me. Good lesson.

  2. Good job buddy. Watch where your sentence should end, and the next begin.

  3. DJ, I love to read your thoughts and posts, and I thank your mom for allowing us to take a glimpse of how the words of a child can touch the mind of adults. We love to see you learn and grow.