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Tuesday, September 22, 2009

Darien's Four Seasons

Today im going to tell you about the four seasons.First im going to tell you about Autumn.Autumn is a time of year when the leaves fall off of the trees.Here the leaves aeren't as beautiful as they are up in New York,theyre usualy brown.Autumn is a wonderful time of year.The leaves change,the holidays are getting close,the monkeys come out wha wait, monkeys uugh well you get the point,onto Winter.Aagh winter,my favorite time of the year,why you might ask,becaus it snows,to bad where I live it doesent snow.Winter is also my favorite time of the not just because the holidays,but families getting together.Every body loves a good family reunion.Good,onto Spring.Spring is here and you know what that means,no not the fact that its to cold ice cream anymore,the animals are done hibernating and the leaves and flowers are blooming.I can finaly sit out side and watch the animals get ready for another Winter and I can finally take this sweater off. Get your sun glasses on because here comes Summer. Summer is a time when lots of plants grow, the days get longer, and it is hot very hot.Thats my report on the four seasons.The End.


  1. This is very clever, and cute. Be careful of your spelling, and the grammar lessons you already learned. Also watch out to copy from your paper exactly, you missed a few words, here and there.

  2. Hello :)

    I think that you love the four seasons as much as I do. And yes, I also love winter, and I am lucky to live where we get a lot of snow during that time of year.

    The video with this report is beautiful...such wonderful art work is shown on it!

    Thank you for sharing your work.


  3. This is Dj.Thank you peacefulWmn9.Im happy you liked the video.

  4. Good post, DJ. I enjoyed it.I laughed when you said "The end" hahaha. so cute.

    We don't have those four seasons here in the Philippines. We only have summer and the rainy season. I wish I could experience snow too but it would be a miracle if snows here. =)