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Friday, October 16, 2009

Fun Friday The Letter C

Today I'm going to tell you about the Nile Crocodile.
The Nile Crocodile is known to inhabit Somalia,Ethiopia,Kenya,and Zambia.
Male Nile Crocodile's can grow to 16 feet,but the largest male recorded was in Mwanza,Tanzania and was 21 feet long and the females grow to only about 13 feet.
Nile Crocodiles are carnivores and only carnivores.They eat wildebeest,zebra,giselle,bats,cape buffalo,warthog, and goats.Although the rare food chain is lions,hyenas,giraffes,leopards,and even black rhinos.
That's my report on the Nile Crocodile.The End.


  1. DJ, this is a great lesson! I did not know they grow that long. Nice post!

  2. Kind of short, but a lot of info, in those few sentences. Try to add a little bit more info, and stretch it out a bit. Good job!

  3. Awesome, fearsome, and powerful animal! I never want to run into one!