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Monday, January 9, 2012

Homeschool is Better Than Public School!

DJ's assignment is to write an article for persuasive writing. He chose to write about homeschool vs public school. Remember he is 11 and these are his thoughts from his perspective.

Homeschool is better than public school.
By DJ.

For decades, kids have been tormented by bullies, bad lunches, and mean teachers. Not to mention papers far too small to do their work on! Well here's your solution! Introducing Home Schooling, the best way to teach your child! In Home Schooling, you'll be side by side to make sure your child gets the proper education AND doesn't get stuffed in lockers. Plus you'll know what your child is doing at all times! This is especially for you parents who don't want grand children when your child is 13. Plus you'll make sure your child is eating well, and eating well also goes as not eating drugs. And you can also make sure your classes are going well YOUR way. Take P.E for example. Instead of hardcore, practically hard labor exorcising, you can make sure your child is getting in shape at a nice, steady pace. Just listen to these people who love Homeschooling.

My friend *****: "Its nice because you don't have to worry about bullies."

Mrs.******: "I like it because I can make sure shes not getting in trouble."

Old lady who lives is my neighborhood: "Its the worst thing sense 99c stores. You don't learn enough!"

Well forget about her. These are all people I know and these are their honest opinions.

Home Schooling, enroll today!
Best part is, ITS FREE! Just pay for your school books, school supplies, and some online activities.

That's my report on Homeschooling!
The End.

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