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Friday, September 19, 2014

My Summer Vacation

Hello once again people who read this blog! It sure has been awhile sense I've done one of these, and today I'm gonna go over something very amazing and fun: my Summer Vacation!
So my Summer Vacation started in May. School had just "ended", but I was shortly greeted by the bitter fact that I still have to do school over the Summer. If Math weren't involved, it wouldn't have been so bad. For most of June we pretty much just hung out around the house, did school, and occasionally went to Church on Sundays. Mostly on Wednesdays. At the end of June, however, I left from June 31st through July 4th to go to a Christian Camp known as Camp Anderson. At this camp not only did I get launched in the air by a big balloon called "The Blob", but I also made some new friends and I got Saved. When I got back from Camp it was my 14th birthday, and I enjoyed a nice evening with my family. We went to Applebees, I drank mango tea, and then we went to watch fireworks. Mango tea though. It's so good. For the rest of July we did everyday things. Luckily though, we didn't have any school in July. Or August. It was beautiful. Once August came along we went to the Springs every Wednesday. We went to Poe Springs, Blue Springs and Fanning Springs twice. Blue Springs was my personal favorite though. The water was so clear and the boil was really deep. That picture is of me jumping off the dock at Blue Springs. Look at those ultra manly pink goggles. And for the last week, my Grandpa has been here and we've gone all over the place. We went to Saint Augustine, Blue Springs, Dairy Queen, Hobo's, and hung out at the house. I also got a really cool new game called Destiny, which is better then anything I have ever played. Now I'm back in school, and this is my first writing assignment.
Well, that pretty much sums up my Summer Vacation. I hope everyone else had a great one as well, and I will see you all in the next post!

1 comment:

  1. I thought you might mention the family we had visit in June, all the Manhunts you went to, and VBS. Over all very good though.