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Monday, February 3, 2014

My Field Trip to the Gainseville Medieval Fair

Hello once again people who read this blog! Mom has decided to have me do a report on our trip to the Medieval Fair, and I must say I enjoyed it a little more then I probably should have.
In case not many of you know, I am a HUGE fan of Medieval Times stuff. Swords, compasses, armor, ships, houses, clothing, food, writings, lore, and especially legends. When I was young(er) I actually wanted to be a blacksmith when I grew up due to my love of weapons and medieval arts. Then I discovered Marine Biology, and that all changed. Now Medieval Culture is more like a hobby to me. So, as you could probably guess, I had a hey day at the Medieval Fair. Well. It was more like a Medieval Shopping Market then a fair, but it was still awesome. We watched a magic show, and I believe the magicians name was Jacob The Unbelievable. Mom didn't seem to get a big kick out of him, and Caitlin only wanted to pet the rabbit, but I thought he was flipping hilarious! I wanted to stay after we left and see his other show, but SOMEONE didn't want to. Then we went around the fair grounds, looking at the booths and watching some performers. This one guy had brought a dragon swing with him, and I swear the man was part monkey. As he swung the people back and forward in his dragon boat swing he'd jump up on the boat and do front, back, and side flips off of it and land perfectly fine. It was amazing! Then we found the sword room. Ohhhh the sword room. That thing was full of swords daggers and, guess what? More swords! Not just Medieval English swords either. They had Nordic, Japanese, and Chinese swords too. Also cosplay. And yes, by Japanese swords, I mean katana's. The best part is that they were genuine and the best ones were ONLY ABOUT 60 BUCKS! It was the best sales tent I had ever seen in my life. Actually it was the only sales tent I had ever seen in my life. See that dagger down there at the bottom (or top, the blog is being screwy) of this post? That's MY dagger. Well, it's "technically" mine, but it's in my moms "custody" (aka her room) till I'm 18. But I don't care. It has an awesome design on the blade, the sheathe and handle are made of ivory, there's an amazing wolf design on the sheathe (not seen in the picture), and the wolf head at the end of the handle is real metal. No plastic was involved in the design of this knife. You know what the best part is? It was only, wait for it, TWELVE STINKIN DOLLARS! It was brand new too. That is a deal so good it should be illegal. Then we saw the rock man. I forget his name, but he was one of the kindest people I ever met in my life. He gave us (well no we bought them) some geods and he popped them open for us. I also got some fools gold, a red tiger eye, and a stone in the shape of a diamond. Not the diamonds you put in a ring, but an actual diamond. Then we ate food, and I enjoyed the french fries and coke. We looked at a lot of other booths, bought some other stuff, then we went home. I honestly didn't want to leave. But I'm very happy with how it went. That's my report on my trip to the Gainseville Medieval Fair. The End.

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