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Monday, February 1, 2010

Lost In The Plains A Cheetah Story

The following story is partially true about a little cheetah named Toto and a Mommy cheetah named Honey that lived in Africa.

Once upon a time in the plains of Africa there was a baby cheetah named Toto and his mom Clio.Toto was a happy baby cheetah with his mom teaching him how to hunt,playing with other baby cheetahs,and just being happy to be a cheetah but one day while Clio was out hunting Toto was at the den waiting for mom to get back with lunch but Clio is miles away and Toto can not wait anymore.He heads out to find Clio but once Clio gets back she finds out Toto is not there.Little does she know that Toto set out to look for her.While Clio is wondering where in the world Toto has gone Toto has got himself in a heap of trouble by bothering a bull elephant while he was sleeping.Luckily by using his brain Toto knows enough to get himself out of there as soon as possible and that's why when the elephant was getting up Toto got a head start and ran for the hills or bushes in this occasion.Meanwhile at the den Clio is just heading out to find Toto when she remembers that she forgot to bring the food to the den.Luckily no hyenas got it.Then Clio heads out to get Toto by using a special cheetah call like little chirp.While Clio sets out to find Toto Toto is having a ball by chasing prairie dogs at every turn.He manages to catch one and drags it into the shade and has a snack while he rests.While hes eating he hears his mom calling and he stops eating and heads right for his mom but when he gets to his mom he sees Clio snuggling with another cheetah.Although Toto's not going down without a fight.He gives a low growl as if to say "That's my Mommy,"and starts fighting.The stranger cheetah is stronger than Toto and throws him down on his back and there Toto lies in amazement but while Toto lies on his back Clio recognizes Toto ,because the real Toto has an all white tummy,and pulls him out of the fight.Once Toto and Clio are back together the stranger cheetah heads off but before he got to far both Toto and Clio made a very squeaky chirp as if to say "You can live with us."Now Toto,Clio,and Toto's new brother Taj are one big happy family and they lived happily ever after.The End.


  1. Good story buddy. You had a beginning, a middle, and an end. You focused on where cheetahs live, and how mommas interact with their young. I saw one run on sentence, possibly two, and one or two minor spelling errors. Over all very good.

  2. I loved your cheetah story DJ. You have such great writing skills.