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Friday, February 26, 2010

Fun Friday The Letter S: Scorpions

Today for Fun Friday I'm going to tell you about the emperor scorpion.The emperor scorpion is a big scorpion found in the African region.The emperor scorpion is one of the biggest scorpions in the world growing to about 8 inches but the biggest one ever recorded was a forest scorpion at a length of 9 inches long.Although it may be big it's venom is not very toxic only being to kill probably 1 person with a single sting but other scorpions like the Arizona,the most venomous scorpion in North America,can kill up to 4 people with one sting!The emperor scorpion has a huge appetite eating lizards,birds,and small rodents to small thing's like termites and worms.It also has a variety of predators like other scorpions,spiders,wasps,and flies.That's my report on the emperor scorpion.The End.


  1. Oh God, just looking at this is too creepy for me. Good post though.

  2. Very good job. One very long run on sentence, that I have pointed out to you. Be careful with those. Watch your proper nouns too. Over all very good.