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Friday, February 12, 2010

Fun Friday Letter Q: Quails

Today I'm to tell you about the Asian Blue Quail.The Asian Blue Quail is found from Southeastern Asia to Oceania Asia and has 10 different subspecies.The Asian Blue Quail is the smallest of the quails and can fit in my hands which are 12 cm when put together.The Asian Blue Quail can be all sorts of colors from white and brown,gray blue, and silver. They can live to 13 years, but usually 7 to 5 years old.That's my report on the Asian Blue Quail.The End. P.S. Sorry about the short post.


  1. another very informative and interesting post DJ. Though this is short, but I learned something new, thanks.

  2. Great post DJ! I enjoyed learning about this new bird that I had never heard of before.