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Friday, February 19, 2010

Fun Friday The Letter R: Red Pandas

Today is Fun Friday, at Blogging For Fun. We are doing an A-Z meme, and are up to the letter R. R is for Red Pandas. The red panda is a small mammal no bigger than the common house cat.It is a reddish brown animal with a big bushy tail,stubby front feet and bigger back feet,and a black tummy.It is found in a some what a big part of Asia from Nepal to Tibet and so on.It likes warm,damp,and humid where it spends most of it's day sleeping,no it is not nocturnal it hunts from dusk to dawn.(If any of you can tell me what it means when they hunt in the morning and sleeps in the day and night please tell me in the comment section thank you.)The red panda is a omnivore eating basically bamboo like it's bigger cousin the giant panda but also like the giant panda it also eats meat like birds,insects, and smaller mammals.The mother red panda has a litter of 4 cubs every year each weighing about 4.6 ounces.The red pandas main threat is the snow leopard.That's my report on the red panda.The End.


  1. thanks for the interesting information about red panda, DJ, and for sharing the video.

  2. You are always teaching me something new DJ. I enjoyed your post very much and the video.

  3. Thanks Mrs Kristy and Betchai.