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Tuesday, February 9, 2010

How To Care For My Pets While I Am On Vacation

DJ's writing assignment for today is to write directions for someone who will be caring for his pets, while he is away for the weekend, on a short vacation.

Okay Aunt Norma here's a list on how to take care of our pets why were gone.
1.The dogs need to be fed every morning and every evening in between 5 and 4 am and 5 and 4 pm.The dog food is located in the cabinet underneath the moms medicine cabinet and you'll see a white bucket with there dog food in it.Two cups would be fine.Don't forget to feed the cat.If you can't find the cat food ,because sometimes it gets left in places it is not suppose to be,just give the cat dog food he doesn't care.The cat has to be fed at about the time of 8 am and 8 pm.They also get a full bowl of water once a day that means the cat too.
2.Make sure if it rains when were gone not to let the puppy out.Krypto can go out side after it rains by himself but biscuit has to go on leash because she gets filthy.
3.The dogs get plenty of attention a day so when your not busy with them take the time to spend time with the cat because they both need the name amount of attention.That's how you take care of the animals why were on vacation.The End.


  1. Very good, and humorous too. You used there instead of their, and you didn't capitalize Biscuit. Otherwise very good.

  2. I loved the pics of the dogs and the pool! You are always so funny DJ.