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Saturday, May 29, 2010

Fun Friday: Apple Trees

Today for yesterdays Fun Friday I'm going to be telling you about Apple Tree.

The Apple Tree is a kind of fruit tree usually found in the Northern States.The tree averages in size of up to 30 feet high,sometimes 40,and the apple its self is usually 6 inches wide.All of us have heard of world records right well here's a apple world record.Did you know that the largest apple grown was grown in Japan and weighed over 4 pounds that's more than my Aunt's dog!The Apple Tree is one of the most popular trees found up in the Northern States.The flowers are a member of the rose family but for some reason the flower looks more like a Magnolia Flower although the Apple Tree became so popular because of the man who made history by traveling through the Northern States and planting apple seeds along the way and his name is Johnny Appleseed.

That's my report on the Apple Tree.The End.


  1. Wow! 4 pounds, that was a large apple! Sadly, we don't have apple trees in the Philippines but I love apple pies.

  2. I always keep an ample supply of apples in the fridge. My favorite variety is the fuji, sweet and medium size.

  3. wow, 4 lbs, i don't think i ever saw a big apple close to that size. i love apples, and love to make apple pie as well :)