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Tuesday, May 4, 2010

Fishy Monday:The Achilles Tang

Sorry I couldn't get to you yesterday my Mom forgot to remind me to do my post,but I'm here now and for yesterdays Fishy Monday I'm going to tell you about the Achilles Tang.

The Achilles Tang is a medium sized fish,averaging in about 8-10in long,and is a fish constantly on the move for food!It is a herbivore feeding on a variety of algae and plants.It is fed lettuce and zucchini in tanks at home!It is Chocolate brown,might look black from a certain angle,a black dorsal and pectoral fin,a white curvy line near by the face,which if you ask me looks like sideburns,a orange spot down by the tail,and a orange,white,and black tail.It doesn't live very long even if it is well taken care of and is probably because almost all of it's time swimming around burning off body fat and not hardly getting any food!It is found in the Western and Pacific Ocean and when it is not looking for food it is hiding in one of It's hiddy holes.This a quite rare fish.

That's my report on the Achilles Tang.The End.

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