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Friday, April 30, 2010

Fun Friday: American Holly Tree

Today for the new Fun Friday I'll be telling you about the American Holly Tree(Well be doing trees for Fun Friday for now.).

The American Holly is the cousin of the Dahoon Holly.Averaging up to 50 feet in height it is a medium sized tree normally found in sandy,sandy,soil unlike It's cousin which is found in the swamps where all the soil there is mush.The flowers of this tree are I'm guessing purple and are found in big clumps.If you don't know what clumped is just think of a bunch of magnets attached to a stove in the same spot.The bark of this particular tree is gray almost black,rough,and rather thin.The twigs are slender,a light brown like color,and glabrous what ever that means.The leaves 2-4 inches long and are sharp!They are yellowish green on the top of the leaf however the bottem is more yellow than the top.The fruit of the tree is red with with usually one seed in it.

That's my report on the American Holly for this week's Fun Friday.The End.


  1. thanks for sharing the American Holly tree DJ, now, this is something I am not very familiar of, and thanks again to you for through your post, I learn something again.

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