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Monday, April 5, 2010

Fishy Monday Maroon Clownfish

Today for Fishy Monday I will be telling you about a personal favorite of mine,the Maroon Clownfish.

The Maroon Clownfish is one of the biggest of clownfish and also one of the nastiest.It will attack any fish that comes to it's anemone such as other Maroon Clownfish while it's smaller relatives such as the Percula Clownfish can share a anemone with up to 5 individuals.It is carnivore feeding mainly on shrimp.Like I said it lives in a anemone like other Clownfish but this Clownfish likes a certain kind of anemone,the Bubble Anemone.It takes care of the Anenome by feeding it pieces of it's food while the Bubble Anemone helps the Maroon Clownfish from becoming food.There are three different kinds of Maroon Clownfish.1,the commen White stripe Maroon Clown,2 the yellow stripe Maroon Clown,and 3 the rare Lightning Maroon Clownfish.The usual size of a Maroon Clownfish is 6 inches but they can be as short as 4 inches.The place the Maroon Clownfish can normally be found is the Western Pacific.

That's my report on the Maroon Clownfish for this weeks Fishy Monday. The End.


  1. These clownfish are kind of neat looking - very colorful. It's hard to imagine them attacking. They don't look mean. But I suppose they have to for protection. Thanks for teaching me about them.

  2. I love clown fish DJ. Thanks for all the wonderful information you are always providing.