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Monday, April 19, 2010

Fishy Monday The Chocolate Surgeon

Today for Fishy Monday I will be telling you about the Chocolate Surgeon.

The Chocolate Surgeon is a type of Surgeon that lives in the Pacific Ocean.Averaging to about 25cm long it is a herbivore feeding on Algae.What I like about this fish is that it belongs to the Surgeon and Tang group,my family has a Tang named after our last name the Thompson's Tang,what I don't like about this fish is that the color of it is so strange,seriously I feel like I'm looking at a piece of dirt with a banana at the end any who you can like it if you want to but if you ask me I say it wont win any beauty pageant.The description of a Chocolate tang is a brownish black body with a yellow tail.

That's my report on the Chocolate tang.The End. P.S.,tune in next week to meet the most beautiful fish yet,the ..... angelfish.


  1. Watch your capitalizing. Only proper nouns need to be capitalized.

  2. i didnt know there are fish surgeons

  3. That is a very strange looking fish! I like your description of dirt with a banana on the end.

  4. You learn something new everyday Imelda.