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Monday, April 26, 2010

Fishy Monday Queen Angelfish

Today for Fishy Monday I'll be telling you about the Queen Angelfish.

The Queen Angelfish is one of the biggest,and possibly the biggest,Angelfish found!Averaging to up to 18in,equal to 1ft and 1/2,this is truly the queen of the reef.The Queen Angelfish has that name because it has a strange black spot on the top of the head surrounded by a litter blue than the body which represents a crown.The body of a Queen Angelfish is a blue head and chin,a yellow face and body,a bright yellow tail,and like any big angelfish long fin like hairs that go around the tail.It is a omnivore feeding on Corals and Algae.It is rare but the Queen Angelfish has been known to mate with another species of Angelfish called the Blue Angelfish forming a animal called a hybrid.For all you youngsters out there who read my Blog and don't know what a hybrid is here is your answer.A hybrid is a creature when two different species mate with each other making a new species for instance if a monkey matted with a elephant you might end up with a thing called a Monkeyphant.I do not know the name of the Angelfish that you get when a Queen Angelfish mate with each other.

That's my report on the Queen Angelfish.The End.


  1. Wow, those translucent colors are amazing, I love it and thanks for the info.

  2. Very good job. I do not see any major mistakes that you have learned about. You added a lot of interesting information to this post. Great Job!

  3. Your welcome Poetic Sutterbug.

  4. What a colorful fish! And very good explanation for a hybrid - your example is great! A monkeyphant - wouldn't that be a funny sight?