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Friday, October 15, 2010

Bicycle Safety

Today I'm going to tell you what you can do to avoid and prevent biking accidents with this very special Through The Eyes of DJ blog post.

Biking accidents injure 100s of people a year and 1/4 of those people end up in a coffin,that's why for this post you'll be hearing my advice on bicycle safety.

1-The first thing you should always do is put on a helmet,knee and elbow pads,and make sure there on tight.Many people get injured because of not waring the proper equipment.Even if your driving by your house or drive way you should always ware your equipment.

2-Before you go biking there's one more thing you have to check,your bike!Always check for sticky gears,rusty peddles or brakes,and for flat tires.The last thing anyone wants is to get going then slam into a tree because your brakes don't work.

3-Once your on the rode things get more...complicated.You should always give a hand signal to let a car know which way your turning,that is unless if your bike has blinkers.Another thing to do is never go biking at night unless if your with an adult.Cars wont see your bike coming and that's how people get killed!

4-The last thing you should do is NEVER,EVER,EVER talk to strangers.Many kids get kidnapped by people and a bunch of then are never seen again.Not talking to strangers is probably the most important rule of bicycle safety.

That's my report on bicycle safety,and as bikey bear always says,"Only you can prevent biking accidents".The End.


  1. what beautiful tips you shared DJ, and I love your new blog's lay-out too

  2. This post would have been perfect except the there worm got you again. Remember there is a reference to a place like over there, their is ownership of something, and they're is the apostrophe for they are. Waring is also spelled wrong should be wearing. Otherwise very creative and a thorough post.