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Thursday, December 12, 2013

The Legend Of Orphan and The Riku

So I've been studying middle ages lately (for the last week mostly King Arthur) and my mom found an assignment for me. I have to write a Medieval Legend! So I decided to make it about a boy who grows up to be a pony salesman. No just kidding. It's about a young boy, who loses everything to a legendary dragon knows as Riku and spends 10 long years plotting revenge. This is going to be a 3 part legend by the way, with a beginning middle and end. The beginning is just the prologue. Each part is going to be about as long as part one. So, on with the Legend!

Once upon a time, in a quiet little town knows as Magnolia, there lived a young boy on a hill just outside of town. The boy was about 12 years old. He had long brown hair, olive skin, and deep green eyes. He wasn't too short either. He lived on a small hill, but high enough so he could see for miles around. He was a farm boy, and he liked it that way. The boy lived the average life of any farm boy; He milked the cows, fed the chickens and took their eggs, sheared the sheep, helped his mother with chores around the house, went into town to buy farming and cooking supplies, and every once and a while took his best friend out for a ride. His best friend was a horse, and her name was Marigold. The boys life was perfect. But that all changed on one day. He was out tending to the chickens when he heard them. The alarm horns. The Dragon alarm horns. The boy and his parents ran to the edge of their hill to see what was going on. What they saw sent shivers down their spines. Magnolia was being town apart by the legendary silver dragon, known only as the Riku. It's destruction left a long line of blue fire, broken buildings, and lifeless bodies. The boy and his parents hid in their house for shelter. But it was no use, for after the dragon was done with Magnolia it caught whiff of the boys farm animals. It flew over to his house using its powerful black wings. Up close, the boy noticed something. It was 30 feet tall and it's scales were like daggers. Blue fire leaked out of its mouth like drool. The boy just sat there, watching from the houses window, as the Riku slaughtered all of the farm animals. Except Marigold, which was for some reason spared. The boy and his parents hoped that if it ate their livestock, it would be full and leave their land. But they were wrong. For after the dragon was done with the crops, it got the whiff of something else. Something human. There was a moment of silence, and then the Riku tore the roof off of the boys house. He thought they were about to die then and there. But his father, heroically, pulled the family sword down from the wall and faced the dragon. His wife was next to him, frying pan in hand. "Run! Get out of here!" they screamed at the boy. He refused, but his mother was determined. She leaned down and put her hand on his cheek. "Go, live your life. We'll do what we can to bring this beast to the ground. Take Marigold and ride as far away as you can. Do you understand me?" The boy cried, but he did what his mother asked. He ran out of their house, past the dragon, jumped on marigolds back, yelled "Hyah!" and rode off with Marigold. After riding for about half a mile he looked back at his house on the hill. He saw his father fighting the Riku with the family sword, and he appeared to be winning. If the Riku bit at him, he dodged. If it breathed fire at him, he'd also dodge. When the dragon lowered it's head down enough, he made a lunge at its head and gouged one of it's eyes out. In pure rage and pain, the dragon sent a huge blue fireball straight at his parents. All the boy could hear was his parents screaming out in agonizing pain. Then the screaming stopped, the fire died down, and the Riku flew away. All the boy could do was sit there, on Marigolds back, and cry. He was homeless, traumatized, and alone (except for Marigold). He wasn't really sure of anything now. But he was sure of one thing. He wanted revenge. He wanted the Riku dead. For the next ten years he'd spend his life trying to learn how to destroy the Riku. His name is Orphan, and this is his story

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