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Monday, December 16, 2013

The Legend of Orphan and The Riku: Part ll

Welcome back! This is part two of the Legend of Orphan and The Riku. Hope you enjoy it!

-  5 Years Later -

Years have now passed, and Orphan has spent every one of them trying to find a lead on the Rikus whereabouts. He's traveled nearly everywhere on the continent on Pangolia, but all he's found is rumors, literature, and legends. He did find one eye-witness, an old man with a name no one knows. He told Orphan how many years before the attack on Magnolia there was one even worse. He told him of an old, legendary city called Dynamellow. It was the largest city on Pangolia, and was famous for its ore mines and fish-filled waters. Everyone loved the city of Dynamellow, until the Riku came. The old man said it was a horrible sight. Buildings were being leveled, the sky filled with smoke, and you could hear the sound of people screaming left and right. Screaming in pain. In under an hour the entire city was decimated, and just like Orphan was in the Magnolia incident, the old man was the only survivor. The old man seemed very sad telling this story, so Orphan told him he didn't have to go on. The old man smiled at him. He told him about an ancient library in the city of Kelpa, a huge city on the East coast of Pangolia. He told him if there was any place where he could find out how to fell the Riku, it was there. Orphan gladly accepted the info. So he hopped back on top of Marigold, said goodbye to the old man, and made his way towards Kelpa. That was two years ago. Now, Orphan has found his way to Kelpa. Not only that, but he's also managed to get right in the middle of a very busy fish market! Everywhere he looked he could see people hurrying to chop up fish, freeze fish, sell fish, buy fish, cook fish, bring in fresh fish, gut fish, and so on. He tried to ask a few people if they knew about an ancient library, but they either ignored him and kept doing what they were doing or gave him a look of annoyance. He rode around on Marigold for hours looking for someone who might help him. He would've gone looking for the library by himself if Kelpa wasn't so huge. He'd get lost before he came close to finding it. After 4 hours of riding around the market he found a fellow adventurer. His name was John Louis, and he was a weapons merchant. About the same age as Orphan, but with short blonde hair, wild blue eyes, and an excited look on his face. When Orphan walked up to him, he was trying to sell a sword to a young man. A sword that was being sold for WAY more than it was worth. John saw Orphan heading his way, and instantly "shoo'd" away the young man. Orphan sat down on a chair next to him. Instantly, John began trying to convince him to buy lousy swords. Orphan wasn't even slightly interested. He asked him if he knew about the Riku. Johns excited look instantly went away, and his eyes got sad. He said he does know of the Riku, but his story is so grim he doesn't want to speak about it. Instead, Orphan told him his story. John felt so bad for him that he decided to join him on his journey. He told him the ancient library was all the way on the other side of town. So they both hopped on top of Marigold and rode as fast as they could. Without running over any fisherman that is. When they finally made their way to the library, they ran inside and asked the very old librarian if he had a book on the Riku. The old man got up and, very slowly, led them to the forest of bookshelves. After searching for an hour, the old man handed them the book they were looking for. "The Legendary Riku". Orphan and John found a table, sat down, and began reading. They found out everything they needed to know: Where the Riku lives, its strengths, what to bring, but most importantly it's one weakness. The one sword and only that can harm it: Dragonsbane. Orphan looked at the picture of the blade, and at first didn't recognize it. Then it hit him. The only sword that could kill the Riku was his fathers family sword! He had to go back to his house, dig through all the rubble, and get the blade if there was any hope in killing the Riku. But there was one problem. The Riku's den was only 5 miles away from his old house.

To be continued...

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