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Thursday, March 28, 2013

Stars, Mega Stars, and stars so big you'll wet your pants.

Hello once again people of the world who read my blog and all that happy stuff! So this week me, my mom, my sis, and a few friends decided to go on a little field trip to learn about stars. As a result, my mom got the happy idear of making me do a blog post on stars. She gave me the privelage of choosing what I want to write about stars. So I chose stars, big stars, and really really big stars. So on with the post. Now we all know what stars are - they're those really famous people who play in movies. BUT there is another kind of star, the kind that is really famous and is in video games! Then there are the stars found up in space. No I'm not talking about Lady Gaga singing Extraterrestrial. I mean the big glowing balls of gas that are found throughout the universe. Stars are born when dust in the universe gets really dense (usually the dust of dead stars) and joins together making a star. Not a big one, but still a star. Ove a very long period of time the star gets bigger and bigger. Young stars, like our Sun, are big but still not huge enough to be truly amazing. Fast-forward another 100,000 years and our sun will become a giant. Giant stars are completely different from our Sun in appearence, size, and heat. They can be golden colored, dark red colored, even bright blue! Their heat is 100x as great as our Suns, and each one is big enough to hold 500 of our Sun inside of it! If our Sun was that big, it would be so close to the Earth there would either be nothing left of the Earth or it would be completely ridden of all life. Then there are the super giant stars. These things are so huge that if one was in our solar system Mercury, Venus, Earth, and Mars would be completely disintegrated from its size and overwhelming heat. And last but most certainly not least are the Red Giants. These stars of gigantic proportions are SO GIGANTIC you could fit over 1 million of our Suns inside of just one of them! Whats even better? When a Red Giant reaches the end of its life it begins to become extremely unstable. Its molecules begin to fry and its gasses begin to compress. Then, BOOM! Supernova. Everything within 100 light years is little more then completely obliterated. Scientists believe that one day our Sun will become a Red Giant and eventually explode into a supernova, destroying our Solar System completely. But, even if it does happen (which won't be for another billion years) we won't be around to witness it. Because like I said earlier by the time our Sun reaches even a super star Earth will be completely ridden of life. At that happy thought, that is my report on stars. The End.

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