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Friday, October 7, 2011

Fishy Friday: Neon Wrasse

Today I'm going to tell you about the Neon Wrasse!

The Neon Wrasse,or Yellow Headed Wrasse,is by far the prettiest fish I've done a post on yet,in my opinion. Caitlin agrees.This beautiful fish can be found in pairs of 2 to 4 (usually one male 3 females) in the wild. at juvenile state they are mainly golden yellow with a blue line on their back. As they get older that changes dramatically,as you see in the picture up top. Females are far more different but just as stunning. They're blue with red stripes all over their bodies,they kinda look like a Swissguard Basslet. NOTE: A basslet and a wrasse are note the same thing. Thank you. They are mainly carnivores,meaning they feed on meat. They are also mainly found in the Atlantic,down by Florida where I live,the Caribbean,and Southern Brazil.

That;s my report on the Neon Wrasse. I got the info from and the picture from Google. The End. P.S,tune in next week for my first ever Shark post! Dun dun duuuh!


  1. These are neat looking! So they're meat eaters...Does that mean they bite if you dangle a finger in front of them?

  2. This is Dj. I think so,I've never heard of hand feeding a Wrasse.