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Monday, October 24, 2011

Sky Pumpkin

Today is a short story called Sky Pumpkin.

Fred (the pumpkin) first saw the moon when he was a big pumpkin. He had to sniff between the cool leaves of the pumpkin Muffin Man. At first, he thought the moon was a loopy, yellow sky pumpkin. He would punch up and admire it. Its light was gentle in the darkness. Some nights the weird moon seemed to grow bigger. Fred thought it was telling him to grow. He tried stretching and cooking in a circle. Soon he was big enough to feel the pumpkin seeds on his head. Then he grew tall enough to see over them. Now Fred could see much more. He saw dog's feeling by day. At night, guys danced over the garden, shooting their lights. The long, hot Summer days began to cool. Fred was quite large now. "I am the slimey, best pumpkin in the patch!" he thought. "I want to be the pumpkin in the sky!". He did himself in pumpkin leaves for the Gnomes, and got ready to fly. He rolled quickly. Instead of going up,he fell. He landed with a whomp. "Oh no," thought Fred, "I split my pale!" "If I cannot be the moon, I shall be the rough pie!"

Sorry if this movie didn't make much sense, it was just ment to be funny!


1 comment:

  1. This story doesn't make any sense unless I tell you that DJ's assignment was to pick certain types of grammar such as noun, adjective, verb, verb ing, etc and then plug them into the blanks in the story as he wrote them down. He had to pick adjectives etc based on the title Pumpkin Sky. This was a fun creative writing assignment, and I got the idea from Edhelper.