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Friday, June 10, 2011

Fishy Friday: Potters Pygmy Angelfish

Today for Fishy Friday,I'm going to tell you about the Potters Pygmy Angelfish.

The Potters Pygmy Angelfish is,as said in its name,a pygmy angel.Meaning its a small species unlike other angels,such as the Queen Angelfish and Emperor Angelfish.Even though they're small,they come in great colors! They're kinda similar to one of my previous Fishy Monday posts,the Goldflake Angelfish.Males are usually larger then the females,but they both have the some colors.They're bright orange in the front with pale blue squiggles,but as you go further back to its tail the squiggly lines begin to vanish.Instead,the side of the fish is dark blue with orange here and there.The blue kinda looks like more dark blue lines.As you go further back the entire tail is a dark violet color.Although you can still see the dark blue lines on its tail. Males reach a length of 4in,while the females reach about 3in. These fish are a proud member of the Hawaii environment.They live deep in the depths and are hard to find.But if you do find one,you won't see it for long. They are known to dart from crevice to crevice,so they are not commonly seen.They are mainly herbivores,feeding on algae through their day.

That's my report on the Potters Pygmy Angelfish.I got the info from and the pic from free Google images.The End.

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