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Monday, January 21, 2013

I Have A Dream: Stop Water Pollution

Hello once again viewers! My mom decided that today for Martin Luther King Jr. Day that I do a post on my dream. This particular dream I have had for quite a long time. My dream is to stop water pollution. Now as you all know I love the ocean, rivers, lakes, and all the creatures that live in them. I love everything about them. Well, almost everything. Leeches don't count. Anyway ever sense I began to love the ocean something has truly horrified me, and that's the pollution of the worlds rivers, lakes, and oceans. So I'm always thinking up ways to stop it (Unfortunately ways that are somewhat way too big for a 12 year old and his blog ...) and I'm determined to put a stop to it someday. Water pollution is a huge threat to not only us humans (which some people seem to only think about) but to the animals that live in that water as well. So say you drop your soda bottle on the ground and you think "Oh that's OK. Not like it's gonna do anything right?" Haha WRONG. Every piece of trash thrown on the ground eventually makes its way to the ocean where animals might eat it thinking it's food. Now before you go on thinking "Well maybe the animals should think before thinking garbage is food." Well it turns out a bunch of these animals have never seen these items before and are probably wondering if it tastes food, and usually if the animal not only tastes it but swallows it that's the end of the animal. For example: Say you're driving home from the grocery store and one of your Walmart bags flies out the window. You don't think very much about it. Now imagine about a few days later it ends up in the ocean. Then a hungry sea turtle comes along. Sea turtles eat jellyfish, and to the turtle the floating plastic Walmart bag looks just like a jellyfish. So he tries to eat it and begins choking. A few days later you're sitting on your couch watching the news. "Today's Main Headline: Beached Turtle Off The Coast of Cedar Key." You would have no idea if the bag that turtle choked on was your bag and you never will. That is the reason I want to stop pollution. Animals don't deserve to suffer and die because we're too lazy to pick up our trash! Who's ever seen the movie Dolphin Tale? Me and my sister have, and it was an amazing movie. Basically a dolphin was minding her own business one day - Winter - and she got her tail stuck in a crab trap that someone didn't feel like taking it back out of the water. Thanks to that person that poor dolphin lost her tail. That's like someone leaving a mine in the road someone is riding along on their bike, that person hits the mine and gets his/her arm blown off! It's not fair for it to happen to the animals. So all I'm asking is if you drop some trash, please pick it up. It could mean the difference of life or death for the poor sea creatures. That's my dream about Stopping Water Pollution. The End.


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