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Tuesday, February 5, 2013

FLVS Assignment: Human Impacts.

OK so. Today I got the assignment of my virtual school to talk to people about human impacts on animal diversity. There were several different ways I could've done this, but I chose to do a blog post. So, on with the blog post!

We all know about extinction and what it is. It's sad to know that something else dies off - not just one, the entire species - just because of the benefit of something else. I'm talking about Man and its need for food and living space. Man is blind over what it is doing to the environment. Sure we need wood and paper and all those tree bi-products, but we don't need to cut down entire rain forests for it! The animals that live in those forests, some of which can only be found in those specific forests, are losing their home! Humans go to war if their home is threatened by a threat like that but animals can't. There's nothing they can do. And what do we do once the forests are down? We either turn them into living space or we turn them into land fills, so its a double wammy. Then there's the need for food. We humans kill and eat SO MANY fish each year (fish is just an example) that the animals who eat that fish are starving and going extinct! Not to mention the ships that we use to catch the fish in are releasing oil and chemicals into the ocean which then poisons the fish AND the animals that eat the fish. Does anybody ever stop and think about what these animals think of all this? If the animals could actually talk, their first words would probably be "Help."

That's my report on human impacts. The End.

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