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Monday, March 24, 2014

Romeo and Juliet Book Report

Hello once again people who read this blog! So for the past month, I think, I've been reading a very specific book. In all honesty it is probably one of my least favorite books of all time. Me least favorite probably being A Christmas Carol. Oh that was brutal trying to understand the English "accent-like typing". But this book is a close second. Today I'm going to be doing a book report on Romeo and Juliet.

Now, my understanding of this book may not be the same as yours. I have a hard time reading poetry in the form of a story. But here's what I understood. So Romeo and Juliet's families don't exactly like eachother. I never understood why. Rome and Juliet however are in love with eachother, so EVERYONE just jump into the drama circle now! Apparently Romeo is married to another woman who never even says anything in the entire book (I forget her name) so even more drama. Then Romeo decides that he's going to go for Juliet so he begins to sneak to her house every night. After about 5 chapters (Or "Acts") Juliet finally says something and once again I get confused. I can't read poetry man. So Juliet loves him back, but their families still won't let them be together. Juliet is also going to be forcibly married soon to some Paris guy. Just throw that out there sure why not? Romeo still wants to be with Juliet though. Not happy with this, Juliets cousin Tybalt decides to attack Romeo. Thinking he's better he engages him in a sword fight, only to be killed by Romeo. NAILED IT! So now Juliets family (Why can't I remember their family name?) is after Romeo to kill him. All because he was forced to defend himself. That's fair. Hearing of her cousins death, Juliet drinks some potion or poison or something making her fall into a deep sleep. Now everyone thinks Juliets dead! God forbid you lean your fancy rich pants down and check for a heart beat. So Juliet is now to be buried. Paris hears about this and goes to her chamber, where Romeo soon arrives. The two fight for some reason, and Romeo kills Paris. So now he's dead. Then Romeo finds out that Juliet is "dead" and decides to commit suicide (Because that ALWAYS solves your life problems) by drinking poison. Now the main character is dead. Then Juliet wakes up to find Romeo dead on the floor. She then decides to go with him into the great beyond by first licking some of the poison off of his lips, THEN stabbing herself! So now the second main character is dead! Then the rest of the book is the families moaning about their losses when none of this would've happened if they had just let them be together. Good job people. Good job. So there, that is my report on Romeo and Juliet. Probably one of my least favorite books of all time. The End.

Friday, March 7, 2014

I Wonder: How Are Crayons Made

Hello once again people who read this blog! Mom came up with a new idea the other day, and for once, its one I actually look forward to doing. She wants us (I believe every Friday) to write a report on something that we've always wondered. Now there's a lot that I've always wondered. A LOT. But if I were to write a paper on such a thing you'd be able to stretch it around the Earth 10 times. I also don't think anyone wants to read a blog post that long. So I had to choose one (BOOO!). So today I chose something that I've wondered for a while: How are crayons made? The reason I've always wondered that is because when you're a little kid, you watch a lot of little kid TV shows. A lot of those TV shows show little kids using crayons, markers, chalk, etc. Sometimes there will be episodes on how crayons are made. Like dipping them in juice, stuff like that. But I always wondered what the true way to make crayons was. Now I know, and its actually pretty interesting. Video should be down below here, unless Blogspot is being stupid again. Thats all I got today, I'll see you next time I post something.