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Monday, June 7, 2010

Fishy Monday: The Immaculate Damsel Fish

Today for Fishy Monday I'm going to tell you about the Immaculate Damsel Fish.

Little is known about this fish so this is going to be kind of a short post.The Immaculate Damsel has different colors for the males and females,way different colors!The males are black on the side with a very bright yellow stripe splitting the black in two,blue stripes on the top of the head,around the eyes,on the dorsal fin,and on the bottom fins.The rest of the body is a dark yellow.The females on the other hand are quite plain colored with a blue tail fin and a light blue bottom fin.The females give the fish the name Immaculate Damsel which means clean fish I think.The diet and behavior of this fish is unknown to science and probably because this a quite rare fish.The only known closest relative of this fish in the Green Chromis a member of the Damsel family.This fish averages in sizes in a size of 10 to 12cm.

That's my report on the Immaculate Damsel Fish and if your wondering I got the info from and the pictures from Free Google images.The End.P.S. I was wrong that was not a short post!


  1. Pretty cool looking and thanks for the information on this fish

  2. Good post with very little information provided to you on this fish. You are getting pretty good at this now.

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