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Tuesday, July 20, 2010

Tweety Tuesday: The Western Tanager

Today for a new thing I like to call Tweety Tuesday I'm going to tell you about the Western Tanager.

The Western Tanager is a gorgeous song bird that is a member of the Cardinal family.It is medium sized bird normally growing to 6in tall.The males have a red head and a yellow belly,neck, and wing bars the rest of the body is mostly black including the wings,tail,and back.The females are less colorful with a yellow greenish head and a yellow greenish belly.The wings and tail are brownish black.The females also have a yellow neck.The Western Tanager gets its name for a reason, it's only found in the Western United States.From parts of California to Washington,Oregon,Arizona, it even is found in some of Canada and some of Alaska!It breeds from Southern Alaska to the Mexican tropics.Almost never travels to the Atlantic coast for the winter.Female lays 4-5 eggs with a greenish blue speckled eggs in a flying saucer shaped nest.

That's my report on the Western Tanager.I also got the information from Wikipedia and the National Audubon Society Field Guide to North Amreican Birds,the picture from Wikipedia,and the video from You Tube.The End.


  1. Absolutely beautiful coloring on this bird and thanks for all the information. BTW I love your new template. Very cool

  2. that is a very beautiful bird, thanks for sharing the information. Hope you are having a good summer break DJ