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Friday, August 27, 2010

School Starting Soon

DJ will be starting back to school the day after Labor Day. His first week of school his writing assignment will be to write about his summer vacation. On the 10th he will participate in Fun Friday at my Blogging For Fun group, and the topic will be caterpillars. Beyond that I haven't decided yet what his actual assignment for writing will be. Last year he did two writing assignments a week. This year I think I will give him the topic on Monday, and then he will have until Friday to come up with the finished product. If he participates in Fun Friday, which he really enjoys, he will be posting his over the weekend.

DJ has to write two original poems this year. The first semester, due by the Christmas break, he has to write a poem about bees. The second semester, due by Memorial Day, he has to do a poem on the seasons. While this is a long time to accomplish these poems, he still has all his other school work, and will give him plenty of time to get them just how he wants them. I look forward to what he comes up with.

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