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Wednesday, August 4, 2010

Tweety Tuesday Mountain Bluebird

Today for yesterdays Tweety Tuesday I'm going to tell you about the Mountain Bluebird.

The Mountain Bluebird is a medium sized song bird living in the Western United States Arizona,California,Nevada, and even Mexico and Canada.There different from there cousin the Western Bluebird because of a few certain features.The Western Bluebird has a reddish brown chest and a darker blue.The male Mountain Bluebird is electric blue on the top and wings with a white belly.The female is grayish brown and slightly smaller.The female builds the nest while the male just pretends to help.He drops the material or doesn't help at all.It can be found in prairies,short grass,and trees by prairie edges.Its main diet is insects but it will also eat small fruits.The nest is made of grass,feathers,hair, and bark.The nests can be found in nest boxes.

That's my report on the Mountain Bluebird.I got the info from,the video form You-Tube, and the picture from Google Images.The End.


  1. thanks for sharing. without your post, i did not know that beautiful bird in your place. you have the same nickname of my daughter.