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Monday, September 20, 2010

Fishy Monday: Redtooth Triggerfish

This week we are restarting Fishy Monday,and its better than ever.Sure the fish you've seen before are beautiful,but these fish are gonna blow you away!Were gonna start Season 2 of Fishy Monday with the Redtooth Triggerfish.The Redtooth Triggerfish,also known as the Niger Triggerfish,is found in the Indo Pacific.It gets its name from the 2 small,vampire like,red teeth it has.Unlike other fish it is hard to tell which Redtooth is male or female by just looking at them.They both have blueish green scales and a bright blue tail.But,like other Triggerfish there dorsal fin is retractable like a gun trigger,which is where they got there name from.There main food is plankton.They can sometimes be seen in groups of 10-40 circling the water while feeding.But what are there big red teeth for?If YOU have any ideas what there red teeth are for please leave your ideas in the comment box,I'd love to hear your ideas.Well,there probably for attracting mates,or chewing on hard sponges and corals.

That's my report on the Redtooth Triggerfish for this weeks Fishy Monday.I got the info and pictures from Wikipedia and the video on You Tube.The End.

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  1. Great content, but were should be we're, and there should be their. Try to remember to use these in the proper context.