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Friday, September 10, 2010

My Dog Krypto I Loved You

Today for my post I'm going to tell you about my dog Krypto.Krypto was my first dog(WARNING:The following might make the weary sad & even shed tears)and he was a really great dog.He trusted me the most and i let him sleep with me when Mom and Dad couldn't tolerate him anymore.No mater how annoying he may have gotten i always was nice and caring for him.Although,in the process he got spoiled.Then,a few days ago Krypto bit me in the face hard.We all knew what would happen next.We had to......put him to sleep.The next day was very sad,because it was the day we were gonna put Krypto to sleep.My Dad brought him to a vet like place.About 3 hours later my Dad brought him home,wrapped in a bag.We buried him in our front yard,right next to her roses.It was a very,very,very sad day.This post wasn't supposed to happen today.I was suppose to do a post on my Summer vacation,but I wanted to tell you about this instead.

That's my post on my dog Krypto.The End.

1 comment:

  1. I'm so sorry about your dog Krypto. That is really a sad way to end the summer. It looks like you have a lot of great memories to remember him by. And even though he bit you I bet he loved you very much.