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Friday, May 27, 2011

Fishy Friday Blue Sided Fairy Wrasse

Today for Fishy Friday,I'm going to tell you about the Blue Sided Fairy Wrasse (but we'll just call it the blue head for short).

This is a reasonable sized fish with lengths between 1 and 3 inches.However,the largest one I've seen is 5 inches.They are a carnivorous fish,feeding on mysis shrimp,brine shrimp,and some small fish.I'm not sure where they are found,since none of my sources exactly tell me,but I'm going to guess they're found in the Bahamas or Mediterranean Sea.The blue head has many names,a few being the Blue Headed Fairy Wrasse,Blue Sided Fairy Wrasse, and Purplehead Parrot Wrasse.Like all fairy wrasses,their bodies are covered in tons of colors.Their heads are dark blue to purple with a chin and under belly colored pink.Their dorsal fins come in colors of blue,red,yellow,green,and orange.Their sides can be a bright blue to a pinkish purple.And their tails usually come in yellow or blue.Oh good grief so many colors!!!!! If this we're a Neon Fairy Wrasse post I'd be here all day!

That's my post on the Blue Sided Fairy Wrasse. I got my info from and The End.

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