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Monday, May 23, 2011

My Funny Family Poem

Today I'm going to tell a poem about my family.

First up are my dogs,their names are Biscuit and Lucky,when they go out when it rains they get very mucky.
They like to play tug-o-war,they think its quite fun.Although my dad can't just wait till they're all done.
They get a lot of treats,they're very spoiled dogs. Sometimes when they eat I wonder if they're part hog.
But when they get a new bone,they don't like to share. Just try to take the bone,if you dare(MAHAHAHAHAAAAAAAAA).

Next up is my Dad,he thinks hes very funny. But if he keeps eating so much my mom says "Your gonna weigh a ton-ey!".
He likes this game called Rock Band,he plays it really loud.Sometimes I wonder if I could hear it high up in the clouds.
He also likes his glasses,they're a nice shade of blue.He likes to walk around in them when he has nothing better to do.
His favorite food is steak,he likes it a lot.But try to steal his steak and he'll put you in a deathlock.
And last but not least,he loves to take naps.He wouldn't wake up even if King Kong came in and clapped!

And then there's my sister,the screecher of the family,she can yell louder then 10 banshees in a canopy!
She likes these things called Cheese Puffs,I think they're just OK.She likes them so much she makes models out of clay.
She loves littlest pet shops,she thinks they'd look good in glitter. If you ask me I think they'd make good kitty litter.
She likes to go shopping,she can make moms dollar fall.The one place she NEVER goes is the local Gainesville Mall.
And she loves to harass me 24/7,one of these days shes gonna cast me into heaven.

Next up is me,some people think I'm a dork.Rarely because I'm not a big fan of pork.
Because down here in Florida,pork is a favorite food,especially at Arbys where "Its good mood food".
I really like Hotwheels,I think they're very cool.Although some people I know think they're rolling metal mules.
But I do like popsicles,they're perfect for the Summer.Though we rarely run out when we do its a big bummer.
And I really like my pool,I really,really do.Bu I don't like it when I scoop out bird poo.

Last but not least,there's the chief of our family.Yes its my Mom,and do not call her Stanly.
She likes to make jewelry,most of its very pretty,and sometimes she uses these stones that are itty,bitty,bitty.
She really likes Pepsi,and lots and lots of chips.Sometimes I hear her yell "Can you please pass the dip?".
She use to be a nurse,in fact she still is.I think her nursing skills would do good in show biz.
And shes also our home school teacher,a good one too.She helps me out when I have no idea what to do.

That's it for my family,I hoped you enjoyed.Now I'm off to go play with some toys.
The End


  1. what a wonderful poem, DJ, I thoroughly enjoyed every words here, and really love learning a lot about your family. your sense of humor is really admirable, and of course, your writing skill is very inspiring for your age, so I agree with you, you have a very good teacher!

  2. Thank you,my mom says thanks too.

  3. Good job buddy! I did spot a couple of spelling and grammar errors. Be sure to proofread your work before you post it.