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Monday, March 15, 2010

Fishy Monday Flame Angel Fish

Today for Fishy Monday I will be telling you about the Flame Angelfish.

The Flame Angelfish,also known as Dwarf Angelfish,is one of the most common fish you will ever find in a Aquarium.It is a small fish not bigger than your digits and pinkie finger scrunched together.It is a herbivorous fish feeding mainly on Algae.Like the fish I had in my tank when I was little,his name was sapphire and was a blue beta fish,Flame Angelfish are aggressive against other Flame Angelfish.The color of a Flame Angelfish is mainly red orange with black stripes on the sides and blue around the tale.

That is my report on the the Flame Angelfish.The End.


  1. Very good. You did the three paragraphs, no spelling errors, and I don't see any grammar errors either.

  2. DJ...I am loving all of your fish videos. They are so interesting and fun to learn about it. Thanks for sharing them.