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Friday, March 5, 2010

Fun Friday The Letter T: Tigers

Today for Fun Friday I'm going to tell you about Tigers.The tiger is the biggest cat in the panthera genus which includes lions,jaguars,and cheetahs.

There are many species of tiger from the Sumatran,Malayan,Indochinese,Bengal,South China,and the king of tigers the Siberian Tiger at 3ft 7in at the shoulder and weighing up to 670ib.Most tigers live in Asia where they have moved in from Africa many years ago except for one which lives in Siberia Russia,the Siberian Tiger.All tiger's have two thing's in common,1 they all have stripes and 2 they all eat meat!!The diet of a tiger is relatively big prey usually wild boar and,water and majestic buffalo,moose,and even crocodiles.They also take a risk by going after baby elephant's and baby rhinos.Tigers usually hunt at night waiting in one spot for a animal to come walking along and then wap dinner is served.The female tiger usually has a litter of 6 to four year round.

That's my report on the tiger hope you enjoyed it.The End.P.S. The picture at the top is a picture of me and my sister Caitlin petting a baby Bengal tiger.It's a male.


  1. The only time I got closed to a real live tiger was when I traveled to Thailand and visited this Theme park where people can take a pose and have their pictures taken with a tiger. I was a little scared a first but when I saw the the tiger was not even bothered by silly tourists... I took my chance.

  2. thanks for the information DJ, oh, I never have been close to a tiger, am sure you treasure the memory of being that close to a baby tiger.

  3. One apostrophe mistake, and minor grammar mistakes. Nothing major, and you are beginning to understand the concept of paragraphs. Very good!

  4. I do indeed Betchai and Ruthi once you get use to something you will never be afraid again.