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Friday, March 12, 2010

Fun Friday The Letter U: Urials

Today for the letter U I'm going to tell you about the Urial a kind of Big Horn Sheep.

The Urial is one of the largest sheep in the world at a height of 35 inches at the shoulder and there horns can be up to 39 inches long the weight is not known.The description of the Urial is a rich reddish brown fur coat,very big horns,and a white line down the neck like my dog Krypto.The Urial has a rather good amount of relatives including the Mouflon.In mating season the Male will normally mate with 5 other females and at the end of five months a female will have one calve.Mating season starts in September and ends in February.The range of a Urial is in most of Asia from Iran to Kazakhstan and even to Pakistan.It's diet is grass and leaves.

That's my report on Urials.The End.P.S. The video is not that good.


  1. wow, those are indeed very huge sheeps, DJ, thanks for sharing to us again this wonderful information.

  2. Just a couple of mistakes there horns, should be their horns, and you don't need to capitalize male. Other than that another good, solid, post.