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Monday, November 14, 2011

A Christmas Carol Book Report

Today I'm going to tell you about the story I read called "A Christmas Carol, by Charles Dickens".

A Christmas Carol, is one of the best books I've read yet (Coming close to Moby Dick). It's about a greedy and lonely old man named Ebenezer Scrooge who won't even pay for his electric bill or heat bill! One day he is visited by the ghost of his old ''business partner" Jacob Marley on the night of Christmas Eve who warns him of three spirits that will haunt him. The first will appear at midnight, the 2nd on the next midnight, and the third when the clock strikes 1:00 the next night. So Scrooge went to bed, after claiming that Marley was just a mirage made by an undigested piece of beef, and sure enough when the clock struck midnight, there was the spirit.

The first spirit was the Ghost of Christmas Past, in the 1st chapter. He was a short man with no feet, a well-aged mans face, and his head was on fire. He fit the characteristics of a ghost quite well. His mission, along with the other ghosts, was to change Scrooge into a better person. He took Scrooge back into the past to show him Scrooge's previous Christmas's. He showed him Little Fan (His sister I think) coming to take him home for Christmas, and Old Fizze Wig throwing a party where Scrooge met his girlfriend. Then it showed Scrooge replacing his girlfriend for money. Greeeeedy! That was the last time he saw his girlfriend and the end of the 1st chapter.

The next night Scrooge was confronted by the Ghost of Christmas Present, the 2nd chapter. This ghost was very large, he looked like Paul Bunyon who "let himself go" and grew a beard! I kinda didn't understand every word they said in this chapter because there was so much British talk. This time Scrooge didn't refuse to go and willingly went with him. The spirit showed him his Nephew (Little Fans son) and all his friends and family. They were playing a game of charades and guessing a wild animal. One woman guessed Uncle Scrooge and got it right. Ebenezer didn't seem too happy...
Then the spirit took Scrooge to his employee Bob's house. They were getting ready for Christmas Dinner and everyone pitched in, including Tiny Tim. Scrooge asked the spirit what would happen to Tiny Tim but no answer. After seeing all that the spirit took Scrooge to a clock tower.He showed him the two humans of Ignorance and Want before dieng off (Apparently spirits live very short lives).

The next night Scrooge was confronted by the final spirit in chapter 3, the Ghost of Christmas Yet To Come. This spirit was a dark shadow and when he showed his body it was a metallic black. Some people might even refer to him as the Grim Reaper! He showed him that Tint Tim did die and that now his father and mother are old, looking through Ebenezer's stuff. The spirit then shows him Ebenezer's own grave and the date:

Died on
Of Dec.

By now Scrooge was pleading for mercy, but the spirit denied. He tossed Scrooge into his grave. Scrooge thought he was a gonner, but then he wound up (Literally) in his room. He was a new man getting ready to share his joy to the world. He asked a boy to go buy the biggest turkey in the store and bring it to Tiny Tim's house. Then he payed the boy. He even sang in a Choir! He then went to his Nephews house for Christmas dinner and afterwards gave Bob a raise and helped pay for Tiny Tim's medical bills, who did NOT die! And they pretty much lived happily ever after. The End.

I thought this was a very good book with a nice happy ending. The End.


  1. By the way, I Dj wrote this post.

  2. And don't listen to the I am 7 yrs old thing, I am really 11 mom just hasn't changed that. haha.

  3. Buddy those that read this know how old you are. That is my profile. You did an excellent job on this book report. You need to do them all this way, even the ones you don't like.