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Monday, November 7, 2011

We the People

Today is another short story like Sky Pumpkin except not nearly as dumb.

This school year started out great. Everyone seemed to be getting along. We were learning a lot of new things. We were having fun. Then one day in September that all changed. It seemed like no one was getting along. We were not learning all that much. The teacher was too busy with behavior problems. School was not so much fun anymore.

On Friday, Mrs.Shelton told us that we had homework for the weekend. Our assignment was to think of ways to make school fun again. She said something had to change. She wanted our ideas. On Monday we would share our ideas. She hoped we could come up with a solution.

That weekend I thought and thought. I had no idea how to make school fun again. I thought I would ask my dad if he had any good ideas. Usually, he had some pretty good ones. I looked all over for him but couldn't find him in his usual spots. Then I heard the TV.

My dad did not usually watch TV. It must be something really interesting. I walked into the TV room and sure enough there was Dad. He was sitting on the sofa. He looked like he was really concentrating on the show that was on. Instead of interrupting I chose to sit next to him and watch.

He was watching a show on the Constitution. I knew a little about it from school. I knew that it was a set of rules. It was made because there were groups of people who could not get along. Every person thought they knew what was best for the groups. No one was willing to give in. Wait a minute! A group of people who could not get along? That sounded familiar.

I watched more of the program. I concentrated just as hard as my dad did as I learned all about the Constitution of the United States.

The constitution was written over 200 years ago. Everyone had thoughts on how the nation was to be run. Some thought that each state should have its own laws. Some thought that a central government should make all the laws. There was a lot of fighting and arguing.

Finally, one man stepped in. He said that all of the ideas were good. He suggested taking ideas from all sides. He said that all ideas could be put together. That way there were no losers. Each person's ideas would be included. Everyone would be a winner. On September 17, 1787, the Constitution was finished. It is still used today. Many new rules had to be added. It has been working for hundreds of years.

That was it! I knew what my idea was to make school fun again. I jumped off the sofa. I ran out of the room. Before I left, I turned around and said, "Thanks Dad!" He just waved his arm and said ''Glad I could help, Jack."

And then...

A giant purple monkey fell out of the sky and played tennis on the school! Haha no, I'm just kidding. Instead, everybody got along in the school. Mandy's idea to have a class pet is a huge hit, and Carl's idea for a school movie night is going great! And it was all because of my dad accidentally helping me.

The End.

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