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Friday, March 2, 2012

Freaky Friday: Meet Ahool

OK, so today I'm going to do something a little different. I have decided to share some of my info on cryptids and legendary creatures with my viewers, and I'm going to do it from A to Z. Note: if you have a child who usually reads this blog with you, please know that some of these creatures are pretty creepy and may scare a child. So today, for the letter A, I'm going to tell you about the Indonesian entity, the Ahool.

The Ahool is said to be described as 3 forms: (1) A flying ape, (2) a living pterosaur, or (3) a giant flying bat (If the picture up top didn't already give you that idea). This creature gets its name from the eery sound its said to make at night, going something like a howler monkey and a wolf. AhooOOOOool. If you see anything with the following appearances, the best thing you can probably do is duck down low and pray for your life:

Adult human sized body,
Large black eyes, said to be red sometimes due to eyeshine,
Black/gray fur,
Large hands and claws,
And a over 10 ft long wingspan. If you see anything even remotely close to that flying at you in the rainforest of Java at night, you better hope its not hungry.

However, this is a legendary creature, meaning not known to science. The worlds largest species of bat, known to science, is the Bismark Flying Fox. It has reddish/brown fur and a six foot wingspan. Also, its a fruit eater, unlike the carnivorous ahool. Even though the Bismark Flyer isn't found in Java, there are also 2 large owl's who reside there: The Spotted Wood-Owl and the Javan Wood-Owl. They have a wingspan of about 4 feet, tiny compared to the ahool's gigantic wingspan.

The ahool is said to live in the caves native to Java with other bat's and, rumor has it, with other ahool's. The name Ahool in the Indonesian language means Grandaddy of All Bats, a worthy title, no? Ahool sightings have been going on back sense the Indonesians moved in, but the first recorded sighting was of a Spanish explorer and his crew being attacked by several of these creatures, oddly enough, during the day. He described these creatures "As tall as a man and a huge wingspan, at least 9 feet." About 3 of his men died and I don't know how the rest survived.

According to the Indonesian tribes, the Ahool is a evil spirit of the rainforest, and unless a proper ritual is done, it will come and kill livestock and even small children. Its even been said to kill a full grown horse! Note to self: never live in the rainforest of Java.

That's my report on the Ahool. Next week I will be covering the letter B, and I assume that the next post will be of hardly any new info, everyone's heard of him/her! I got my info from and one of my favorite documentaries, Destination Truth. If you have any questions on the creature I've done today or a recommendation for a future Freaky Friday, please ask me in the comment box. I will answer as soon as possible.

The End.

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