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Tuesday, March 13, 2012

Terrific Tuesday: The Green Jay Butterfly

Wow, many new things have been coming to my blog lately. First Musical Monday (which will be continuing this summer), then Freaky Friday (I apologize for not doing B last Friday, we had to go shopping..) and now Terrific Tuesday; which will be about the butterflies I took pictures of at the Butterfly Museum...This is gonna be a loooong special, considering I took pictures of like 350 different butterflies!
Anyway, today is my first post (Not going in alphabetical order), the Green Jay Butterfly, aka Graphium Agamemnon.

The Green Jay Butterfly in most commonly found scattered across Australia and Asia in forest areas, or where there's flowers like your Australian/Asian garden (if you live in either of those country's). Did you know this butterfly has the same name as a type of bird way up in the Northern USA? Mhm, the Green Jay. -Back to the butterfly! They are small, about one inch high, brownish black, and have green spots all over their body. I don't know how to tell male from female (I'm new to butterflies! Mom just walked up and said "This is what your gonna be doing" and I'm like "Ohhk")...

The main plant these butterflies feed from is known as the Mast Tree, a type of evergreen tree (meaning it doesn't shed its leaves) which many of them gather in one place to feed off of...what on tree I'm not sure. Sorry!... The butterfly gets its name from an old Roman king named Agamemnon. He was a good king but, supposedly, he was cursed and died a few days later.

That's my report on the Green Jay Butterfly. I got my info from the and the picture from my-moms own camera. The End.

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  1. You are still making some minor grammar errors, but overall very good. You need to be sure and proofread before you hit publish.