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Tuesday, June 2, 2015

American Timeline analysis, section 4: April 17th, 1524

Hello once again people who read this blog! Yesterday we discussed an interesting topic, how the Aztecs were amazing and fearsome. Only to be destroyed in a day. Talk about going out in style, or..lack there of. Today however we're going to be talking about something a little more......bland.

April 17th, 1524
Giovanni da Verrazano will be our main man of the day. He was born in 1485 somewhere in France (I think), and he like many others was an explorer. What made Giovanni so special was he managed to map the entire Atlantic Coast of North America, before he was eventually eaten by cannibals. What an amazing way to go. You map the Atlantic coast, make a small fortune, then get anchored at sea, row the shore and get eaten. Or he was arrested for piracy and executed, no one really knows. Personally I'd rather be Spartacus kicked off a cliff, but hey. Each unto his/her own

Giovanni wasn't the most looked upon explorer of his time. In fact, he was kinda ignored. With Cortes destroying the Aztecs only a few years before, no wonder he didn't get much attention. However he did get a statue in Italy, so SOMEONE must've liked him.

Well, that's all I have for today guys. I'll see you all tomorrow for Section 5. Peace.

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