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Monday, April 11, 2011

The Blazing Days of Summer

Today I'm going to right my poem on Summer.

O Summer,O summer,why must it be hot? It was suppose to be cooler,or at least so I thought.
Not a cloud in the sky,not a drop of rain,the only thing around is the stinging of sunburn pain.
We search for a place for where we can cool off,under a tree,under a dog,even under a cloth.
But there is no water for miles around,but wait! Hear that? What is that sound?
It is the sound of water,O joy what luck! Now we can cool off away from the muck.
But wait,oh no! This cannot be right. Wheres is the water coming from,its nowhere in sight!
We searched high and low,we searched North and South,we even searched in a dead turtles mouth.
We almost gave up,oh yes we did,but just then we saw a small,young kid.
He was wearing a swimsuit,with dark brown stripes,it almost looked like he was wearing sewer pipes.
He was heading to a sign,it said this of whom:Welcome to Ocean Blue,a nice cool place to escape the Suns hot doom.
We peered past the sign,and we heard a happy song,the water o yes it was here all along!
How could have I missed it,It's right by my house,but now I see that blocking my window was a big brown Grouse.
That stupid Grouse,It wouldn't let me see,just then the bird let out a loud "Tee hee hee."
Well I'll get him later,with a big wham pow,but till then lets enjoy the water with my friend Clarisse the Cow.
We played games,saw fish,and had lots of laughs,all except for Charley who was too busy doing math.
So Summer,bring your worst,come along and be hot,for I thought you'd be worse,or at least so I thought.

The End.


  1. oh DJ, I thouroughly enjoyed your poem, I love the sense of humor and the wit here.

  2. DJ, you wrote this? I'm so impressed! Nice work, your parents must be so proud of you. Keep on writing!

  3. What a great poem! You should write more of them. You have a special talent for it.