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Friday, April 1, 2011

Fishy Friday: Flame Hawkfish

Today for Fishy Friday I'm going to tell you about the Flame Hawkfish.

The Flame Hawkfish is a small bottom feeder found in the Pacific Ocean.It has a bright red body with a yellow tail and black back.If you look close enough,you can see that the fins look like bony fingers!Because it is a bottom feeder,it lies and waits for food to come by.This is called "Ambush Hunting."Its skin,or scale,color helps it hide among the red rocks and coral it calls home.Even a Great White Shark would have trouble finding one.Unlike most fish,this fish doesn't catch diseases.Meaning,they can live a long,happy life.IF they don't get eaten that is!They are found over by the Philippines.They are carnivores,like I said earlier,and normally feed on shrimp,snails,crabs,and small fish.

That's my report on the Flame Hawkfish.I got the info from and and the pictures from free Google images.The End.


  1. What a bright and colorful fish! I can't blame them for eating shrimp - I like them too!

  2. My dad likes shrimp too,but when he eats too much.....bleh.