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Friday, April 8, 2011

The Percula Clownfish and Blue Hippo Tang

Today for Fishy Friday,I'm going to tell you about the stars of Finding Nemo,the Blue Hippo Tang and Percula Clownfish.

First up is the Percula Clownfish.
The Percula Clownfish is the most recognizable of all clownfish.Ranging in size from 5 to 8 centimeters long.Sometimes people get them confused for the FALSE Percula Clownfish or Ocellaris Clownfish.They look a lot alike but the Ocellaris Clownfish looks more yellow then orange.Did anyone here know that Clownfish are actually a species of Damselfish?I know I didn't,but its true(How they are in the Damselfish family I have no idea.).They are found in the Great Barrier Reef of North Australia.They are Carnivores,meaning they eat meat,such as shrimp and krill.They are bright orange with white bands running all over their bodys.

That is my report on the Percula Clownfish.

Now the Blue Hippo Tang.
Probably the most famous of all tangs,this fish grows to sizes from 20 to 30 centimeters! That's a big fish!If they hadn't made Finding Nemo the way they did,Dorothy (The Blue Hippo Tang) would have looked huge compared to Marlin(The Percula Clownfish).They too are Carnivores,feeding mainly on Zooplankton(Shrimp,mysis,etc.).They are found all over the world,from Africa's coast,to the Bahamas,all the way to Fanning Island,which I doubt anyone knows about.They are bright blue with blue spines running up there back and belly.They have black swirly simbles on their sides and a bright yellow tail.

That is my report on the Blue Hippo Tang and the Percula Clownfish.I got the info from and the pictures from free google images and my own camera(Actually its my moms camera.).The End.

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