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Friday, April 22, 2011

Comparing Two Objects:Percula and Maroon Clownfish

Today I am going to compare two fish, the Percula Clownfish, and the Maroon Clownfish. This is a writing assignment assigned by my mom, of course. I have to compare how they are alike and how they are different.

My first paragraph is about how they are alike.
The most alike thing about these fish is that they are both clownfish!All clownfish take residence in Anemones for shelter.In case you don't know,anemones are plant-like animals found on coral and rocks.However,the anemone won't just let any fish live in itself.So the fish and the anemone make a deal.The anemone gives the clownfish protection,the clownfish gives the anemone any food it doesn't eat.That's why clownfish are also known as Anemone Fish.They're both found in the same areas,too.They are found only in the Great Barrier Reef and parts of Indonesia.They even eat the same things!They both eat live,meaty or flaky foods.
That's my report on how they are alike.

My next paragraph is about how they are different.
There aren't very many different things about these fish except their shape,color,and host anemones.The Percula ranges in sizes of 5 to 6 inches,Maroons grow about 2x that size.Perculas are also more pale then Maroons,with a maccaroni and cheese like color,while the Maroon looks more like ketchup(ALL THIS TALK ABOUT FOOD IS MAKING ME HUNGRY!).And probably the biggest difference is that they live in different anemones.The Maroon lives in an anemone called the Bubble Tipped Anemone,while the Percula lives in the Magnificent,Giant,and Leathery Sea Anemone.
That's my report on comparing a Percula and Maroon Clownfish.I got the pictures from free google images and the info from End.


  1. wow, I learned so much from you today DJ about the relationship between anemone and clownfish, awesome post, keep it up.

  2. I like how you compared them to food! They are some cool looking fish. Great job!