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Friday, January 21, 2011

1 Food For a Whole Week

Today I'm going to tell you about the one food I would pick for a week,and what recipes I would use for breakfast,lunch,and dinner.

If I could choose one food,I would have to pick Macaroni.
I can think of 3 recipes that would make breakfast,lunch,and dinner fun.

For breakfast I would have Cinnamon Le Macaroni.To make Cinnamon Le Macaroni,you will need cinnamon,macaroni,an orange,some lemon juice,a small container,and a small bowl.

Take the macaroni out of the box and put it in the bowl.
Put the bowl in the micro wave for about 32 secs.
Once the timer dings,take the macaroni out.
Put a little bit of cinnamon on the warm macaroni so the cinnamon melts in.
Squirt some lemon juice on,for that extra flavor,use the orange as just an appetizer,and vwala! You have Cinnamon Le Macaroni.

For Lunch I would pick Lemon Macaroni.To make Lemon Macaroni you'll need macaroni,lemon juice,a bowl,a strainer,and pretzels.

Open the macaroni box and poor it into a small container.
Take the macaroni and put just a little bit of water in it.
Put 1/4 of lemon juice in the container.
Put the container in the micro wave for about 3 minutes.
When the timer dings,take the container out.
Poor the macaroni that was soaking in the lemon juice into the strainer.
Make sure you get all the juice out.
Scoop the macaroni up into the bowl.
Put some pretzels out if necessary,and your done.
You have Lemon Macaroni.

For dinner,I would have the world famous Macaroni & Cheese with Doritos.I don't need to tell how to make Macaroni & Cheese,since most people already know how to make it.

That's It what I would eat for an entire week.I got the picture from End.

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