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Monday, January 10, 2011

My 1st Seaworld Trip

Happy 2011!!! Today,as substitute for Fishy Monday,I'm going to tell you about my trip to Sea World(Orlando,Florida)!

On December 29th,me and my family went to Sea World.It as a long ride from our home to Orlando,but the wait was worth it!Once we finally found a parking space,we ate lunch in our car before going into Sea World.It was torture! You'd agree with me if you had to sit in a parking lot,soo close to Sea World! After we finished eating,we headed to Sea World.The first thing we did was sign in.We had a year pass,meaning no paying to get in! Once we were inside,me and my Dad went to my first Roller Coaster,the Manta.We wanted to go on the Kraken, but it was all the way on the other side of the park.On the way up the line,we went through a mini aquarium.It mostly had freshwater fish,but they were still really cool.I think I might use the ****** fish as my next Fishy Monday.After the 2 hour long line,we finally got up to the main station.We had to wait a few times to get on,but it was worth it.Once the coaster was empty,we got on in the front row.Lucky us we got in the front,because the people in the 3 back rows get wet.I don't know how to describe the ride,but it felt a jet going up and down,while going on tight turns at the same time.It was CRAZY/AWESOME!!!!!!!Once we got off,we had to go find my Mom and Sister.We spent an hour looking for them!Finally,after circuiting 1/4 of the park,we found them,our day at Sea World continued.We saw sting rays,sea turtles,sharks,dolphins,large and small reef fish,octopi,and many pretty birds.Plus a few dead frogs,yipee....Anywho,Caitlin got to go on her 1st Roller Coaster too.The Shamu Express! (Note,never underestimate the tiny pink Roller Coaster)Then we went up on a big,spinning top like thing.My Mom got scared when we went up.she says shes afraid of hight's,but I think shes Clastrophobic.And,we ate fries and pizza,mmmmmmm yummy!
Besides all that,we pretty much walked around looking for something to do.I didn't go on the Kraken this time,but I will this February!

That's what we did on my 1st trip to Sea World.The End. PS,the 5 pictures that you see,I took them!


  1. I am glad you had a wonderful time at Sea World, and you took great shots. Hope you get to enjoy the park again before your annual pass expires.

  2. What a fun time! I am afraid of heights too, don't think I could go on a roller coaster and anyone who does is brave in my opinion! How cool that you have a pass that is good for a year. I like your pictures!