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Friday, January 28, 2011

The Lion & Gazelle.

Today I'm going to tell a fictional story about a Lion and a Gazelle.

The purpose of this story is to discuss predator prey relationships,which I've
recently been learning about in school.

Once upon a time,there lived a young female lion,named Vadessa,and a young female Gazelle,nicknamed "3 Horn". Vadessa and 3 horn lived in 2 different valleys in Africa. Vadessa was a member of the Alpha Pride.They got there name from the fact that a Liger(half lion half tiger) escaped from the zoo and is now leading the pride.The pride didn't really like that the Liger,we'll call him Big Guy,was leading the pride. He was greedy and rude.He only cared about him self and banned any of the pride members who dared question his orders.Once,he bit a baby lion in the face when it got too close to Big Guys food,one of his own cubs actually.One day,when Big Guy wanted Vadessa to be his queen,Vadessa was mad and said no.Big Guy was furious,and banned Vadessa on that very spot.Vadessa didn't seem to care though.She was almost happy.She took some buffalo pieces,her 2 cubs(we'll call them Jim & Kyle),and headed off.

Meanwhile,in the other valley,3 Horn was having her own problems.You see,unlike other Gazelles,3 Horn was different.He had 2 horns on the top of his head,like all Gazelles,and a strange,needle pointed,third horn in the center of his head.The other Gazelles always made fun of him,almost like Rudolph except with 3 horns.She was never allowed on grazing trips,and she was never really cared about.One time,when 3 Horn was a baby,her uncle led her into lion territory and left her when she wasn't looking. 3 Horn barely survived.One day,when the herd was out grazing,3 Horn came across a hungry,dying,and tired lion.It was Vadessa with her 2 hungry cubs.Now,normally 3 horn would have ran for his life if a lion was nearby,but he didn't feel in danger this time.That was a big mistake.When she took 1 step toward Vadessa,Vadessa sprang to life and charged the herd! But when she came towards 3 Horn,she didn't even bother her.Few minutes later,Vadessa was back with her cubs with a young,ill Gazelle.(Fact:In the wild,when a Lion is hunting alone,they usually go after the ill,young,or injured.They make easier targets.) Vadessa remained in the valley for 2 weeks,feeding off the Gazelle.She never bothered 3 Horn though.

2 weeks passed,and Vadessa was now healthier and stronger then ever.Once the herd had fled the valley for good,Vadessa was getting ready to follow them,when 3 Horn walked rite up to them.she said "How come you haven't attacked me?" and Vadessa answered "I have no need to." Then she explained that she was having the same feelings as Vadessa.She wasn't gonna harm 3 Horn because she knew 3 Horn was special,like Vadessa. From that day on,Vadessa and 3 Horn were best friends,and they lived happily ever after.The End.

I got the pictures from Free Google Images.

1 comment:

  1. You didn't proof read for this one as well. A few grammar mistakes, but still a good story laid out well. Good job!